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Macbeth 2016

Macbeth on Rock
Here is a place reserved, sir.
What hands are here?
And yet he’s fatherless
Toil and trouble
Here’s a knocking indeed!
You lack the seasons of all Nature
I am in blood
And so advance
More in them than mortal knowledge
Knock, knock, knock!
A little water clears us
Have we eaten on the insane root
Is this a dagger?
Whom we invite to see us crowned
Is execution done on Cawdor?
Something wicked this way comes
Thrice the brinded cat hath mewed
That which cries thus thou must do
After the performance
Lay on Macduff
Yet here's a spot
I have words that would be howled
Sunset behind the rocks
A moving grove!
Round about the cauldron go
Doubtless it stood
Signs of nobleness like stars
Upon the heath!

See what our audience thought...

“Just a short e-mail to say how much my wife and I enjoyed last night's performance.  You have succeeded in bringing together an excellent group of actors, great use was made of the superb setting and, even though it was outdoors and windy at times, we heard every word.  It's the most we have ever enjoyed Shakespeare!


Everyone else we spoke to were equally positive.


Well done and looking forward to another Valley of Rocks production next year.


Best regards”


Nigel Stone

“Wow…what a fantastic evening! It was absolutely brilliant….very well done!! Takes me way way back to my days on stage!!”  Julia Amies-Green

“What a fantastic evening -we absolutely loved your performance of Macbeth – well done!

We are already looking forward to the next production but meanwhile will tell everyone we know about this one.

Thank you very much.”

Dr Kelham

“What I saw was superb. Great production, great acting , and spectacular setting.” Mags

#tbt to an atmospheric performance of Macbeth by the talented @PleasureDomeTC Kate Goldstraw

“Absolutely fantastic performance on Tuesday night! Congratulations to cast and helpers! Looking forward to next year”   P Berry

Brian Castle ‏@drbriancastle: Saw great production of #Macbeth in beautiful & atmospheric setting of Valley of the Rocks, #Exmoor @PleasureDomeTC

Tom Crook ‏@tomcrookk: You haven't lived until you've witnessed a live performance of Macbeth at valley of the rocks

Elke KoesslingWinzer ‏@ElkeWinzer : Brilliant performance by @PleasureDomeTC tonight. Thank you! @ChrisClynes #Macbeth

Watched #Macbeth at Valley of the Rocks on Sunday. Fab performances by @PleasureDomeTC, hope they are back next year

Nigel Stone ‏@NigelStoneENPA : Brilliant performance of the Scottish Play at Valley of Rocks last night. Only 4 more nights

Nigel Stone ‏@NigelStoneENPA: Macbeth in Valley of Rocks = brilliant. Only 4 more nights so get along if you can. http: //

“Thanks for the great show” Wayne Durand

Crispin Harris ‏@Crispinalbert: Saw the Scottish Play at The Valley of the Rocks in Lynton. Amazing venue, dramatic scenery and some detailed performances from 3 DSLs.

The Denes ‏@The_Denes: The most awesome #Shakespeare setting ever?

elaine searle ‏@elainesearle55: Went to see Macbeth!! Wonderful. Wrap up warm take a blanket.

Brian O'Malley ‏@BrianO_Malley : Open-air theatre in the magnificent scenery of Devon's Exmoor Coast

Town Clerk L&LTC ‏@ClerkLLTC: Great reviews coming in about this show - have @NDJ @northdevon24 been to see them yet? #Lynton #ValleyOfRocks

Laura Alice Cutler ‏@lauracutt: Just seen a production of Macbeth in the Valley of the Rocks by @PleasureDomeTC great to see a performance like this outside!

Laurie Johnston ‏@Ldj63: @PleasureDomeTC great performance last night. Highly recommended.

Thanks to our youngest audience member so far who yesterday said #Macbeth was "better than a DVD." #theatre #Exmoor We quite agree

ColeridgeCottageNT ‏@ColeridgeNT: For #theatre lovers, #Shakespeare's #Macbeth is performing in #Exmoor's #ValleyoftheRocks Prepare to be blown away!

@PleasureDomeTC Yes! Our VEO went to see this on opening night and was (almost literally!) blown away. So atmospheric!! Will RT :)

#MarcusHammond of @DoctorWho_BBCA "I loved the way the cast attacked the script-all that energy- no messing about. Theatre as it should be."

John Tuck ‏@John_Tuck

Guests review Macbeth Valley of Rocks "Great acting, amazing setting, must recommend"

#MarcusHammond of @DoctorWho_BBCA and #Zedcars says the evening was "absolutely engrossing and stylishly acted," #theatre #Macbeth

Andrew Knight The performance we saw was stupendous! So much more freedom than on an ordinary stage and you used it so well - congratulations! Very impressed that we could hear every word as well, thanks.

Richard Blaszkowski Fantastic! Seeing the Pleasure Dome Theatre Company's production on a particularly Scottish evening on the North Devon Coast (high wind chill factor!) was one of the most magical theatrical experiences I have ever enjoyed and deepest congratulations are due to the cast and crew.

Michelle Hosken Durand

We had a fabulous evening...wonderful experience

Davina Jelley We loved it! The wild wind was warm and the rain held off - wonderful! Thank you

Jon Steele The ravens, wind and showers all added to what was a really good night.

Maureen Smith Wonderful and completely audible production. 7 people doing all the parts ! The setting is awe inspiring and the play is very relevant with similarities to Middle East today. looking forward to future productions

Elke Koessling-Winzer Amazing cast!

Kathryn Jones‎ 

Absolutely fabulous performance yesterday, wonderful setting and such talent. Really exceptional, emotional performances. Brilliant


Chris William Merlin Root‎ 

The Mrs and myself have just got back to harbour point after Wednesday nights performance of Macbeth. We went with my mum and dad. First time I've seen the play and I can definitely say that any future performances have to do something special to beat that! Truly brilliant. The acting, direction, location and use of the terrain was fantastic. Will definitely keep an eye out for next time I'm in the area. Thank you so much

Lee House, Lynton

I thought you'd like to see this review of your Macbeth, posted by a Lynton resident in the Lyn Valley News group this morning:

"We went to Macbeth in the Valley of Rocks last night and were blown away by the acting and awesome surroundings. Do go if you can. They are there till the 20th (matinees Sunday, no performance Mondays.) Pay at the door, i.e. at the tent!"

We've also been recommending you to our guests.

Please share to spread the word

Sarah Robinson

Wow, wow, wow. Brilliant. Look forward to your next project

Els Mussels We loved to be there! Great performance, fantastic decor!

Sally Kendall

Wonderful evening with fabulous backdrop - acting and pace superb

Matt Neale reviewed Pleasure Dome Theatre Company – 5 star

What an excellent production! The acting and staging was as good as I've seen in many stage/film versions, and many of the scenes -- particularly those with the witches -- were very well directed and acted. It really is difficult to single out individual actors for praise, as each had their moment.

The location was fantastic, and added a lot to the play. Seeing the witches emerge from the heath, or Macbeth standing beneath Castle Rock, created such a dramatic atmosphere. And all this in a setting that inspired Coleridge, Wordsworth, Shelley, Hazlitt, etcl!

Unfortunately, we're not local to Lynton/Lynmouth, but would definitely think about coming back in future years if other plays are put on.

Wayne Durand reviewed Pleasure Dome Theatre Company – 5 star

My wife and I braved the weather to watch Macbeth at the valley of the rocks near Lynmouth. We really enjoyed it and hope to see more from this company. Well done to the actors to brave the weather on that last night and thanks for the entertainment.

"It was fantastic, made all the better by the blood-red sunset sky - perfect for Macbeth!" Nick Simpson, Porlock

"Everyone we knew who'd been there had said it was very good - so, we had high expectations but it exceeded them! We were mind-blown!" Krystina Stone

I saw this last night on a blustery clifftop and with a beautiful sunset. I have seen many productions of the Scottish play but this stands out. Outstanding yet simple lighting. The cast were all committed to their multiple roles and the use of the natural backdrop which includes, Wales, sea, sky, clouds and sunset was astonishing. The diversity of your cast in age and breadth of experience and acting styles was remarkable. A very sexy female Malcolm became male in my eyes after about 20 minutes and carried the strength that the character demands. Had the feeling of rubbing shoulders with the actors and that any moment one of us in the audience could be caught up as innocent victims in the Bard's slaughter and madness. 


The chilly wind entering holes in my jacket added to this feeling. All the characters from Macbeth to Macduff and the witches are all draped in poor peoples' raiment. Only Lady Macbeth had a crimson dress and clean white nightdress which stood out in an eerie blue light as she scrubbed the 'spot'. The weapons were basic but two fencing foils made for some fair choreographed fight scenes and the deaths were perfectly staged without overacting. As Lady Macbeth persuades her husband that the Scottish throne is there for the taking, she hints quite early on that she is not going to take the whole shenanigans well. 


Her madness was very lucidly portrayed and her candle scene was quite unique. Not Judi Dench's heavily acted and hard to watch descent into insanity but rather a fresher and more credible somnambulist whose actions were well balanced by a very erudite commentary from stage right. Whilst the use of props was sparse, this made one more aware of the wonderful surroundings. The acoustics were such that both Hecate and Macbeth were able to deliver their lines from some 200 feet away without power amplification. Astonishing to see Macbeth arise over the brow of the hill from under a freshly setting sun. Hecate too, had a powerful delivery and projected right to the back of the roped audience areas on the closely cropped grassland. 


This is a gripping and genuinely powerful production, making use of wide entrance points in the bracken. Perhaps a little too wide at times as I was not quite sure where to look as action continued off stage. Fortunately the five entrance points swiftly become clear and most of the important set pieces that we have come to know and love were held fairly centrally. The cauldron scene used six actors walking three in each direction making for an effective use of movement and held one's attention. Diction and end support was maintained throughout by the cast who must frankly have been pretty chilly on the clifftop. Well done indeed to the director, production team, lighting - Jai Moraria - and all seven cast members for putting together an intimate and explosive production of the Scottish Play. Poetic subtlety, visceral energy and an extraordinary backdrop made this an extremely worthwhile evening for the meagre 15 pounds charged for a ticket. I encourage all to make their way there and enjoy what promises to be an enthralling evening depending on the weather and the thickness of your blanket. Angus Scott

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